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Co-create through Imagination!

MTR Metaverse Future Station Facility Creation Competition


Calling all creative minds from Form 1 to Form 3!

Get ready to embark on an incredible journey of creativity and innovation with our groundbreaking “MTR Metaverse Future Station Facility Creation Competition”, riding on the technology of VoxEdit, a dedicated tool to create 3D models on The Sandbox metaverse.


We challenge the participating students to observe, identify, and gain valuable insights from the MTR’s daily operations and customers’ needs. Let your imagination soar as you utilize your creativity to design unique and visionary station facilities for the MTR Metaverse.


Upon being shortlisted into this competition, you will delve into the world of voxel artistry. Join engaging workshops where you’ll enhance your voxel modeling skills and unleash your creativity to design future station facilities. Leave your mark on the future of the railway and co-create the MTR Metaverse with us.


Registration is open from now until 30 June 2023 ! Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to participate in this co-creation experience, combining art, STEAM, and problem-solving. For more information and registration, please visit