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MTR Metaverse Future Station Facility Workshop Completed

Co-create through Imagination! This summer, we are organizing the “MTR Metaverse Future Station Facility Creation Competition” where students are encouraged to observe, identify, and understand the daily operations and customer needs of the railway. With their imagination and creativity, students will design unique and innovative future station facilities for MTR Metaverse, co-creating the metaverse together!


After receiving enthusiastic registrations from territory-wide secondary schools, 100 students from Form 1 to Form 3 have been shortlisted for their outstanding ideation to participate in the VoxEdit* training workshop. During the workshop, students were engaged in interactive learning with the tutors and teaching staff, acquiring fundamental skills in 3D voxel modeling. This experience has also deepened their understanding of the MTR Metaverse and the development of Web3.


*VoxEdit is the designated 3D computer modeling tool of The Sandbox.


🔼 A group photo with participating students, teaching staff, MTR Web3 Project Team and staff members



🔼 Students being highly attentive and engaged in listening to the teaching



🔼 Following the teaching, students creating their own voxel models step by step



🔼 Students incorporating their own creative ideas into their designs



🔼 Upon completion of the course, students receiving certificates for their successful participation



Let’s stay tuned for the creative works designed by the students!


To learn more about the competition, please visit the event website at:


If participating students encounter any questions or difficulties during the voxel model creation process, please join the MTR Web3 Discord and create a ticket for assistance.