The first-ever release of MTR NFTs was issued in November 2022, with the theme of “MTR NFT Time-travel: 1990s – FUTURE”. Since then, multiple public / exclusive releases of NFTs were rolled out one after another with distinctive artistic styles and features. Stay tuned as we continue to expand our collection with new additions and captivating utility.


MTR NFT Time-travel: 1990s – FUTURE

“MTR NFT Time-travel: 1990s – FUTURE”, deployed on the Polygon Chain, is MTR’s first NFT release since entering the new Web3 era. Through MTR’s Discord events in end-2022, 500 VIPs were whitelisted to receive the first release of NFT for free, embarking on a journey through space and time! 


The design of these first 500 NFTs is inspired by and featured with the old MTR tickets issued during the 1990s. With different rarities for collection, the Legendary type of NFT even symbolizes MTR’s connection with the Web3 realm as well as the future. This first release of NFT carries great collectible value, and NFT holders will even get the chance to unlock future exclusive experiences in MTR’s Web3 world!


Sale of Year of the Rabbit Ticket Set Series NFTs

MTR has brought the Chinese zodiac ticket designs with an interesting juxtaposition of traditional Chinese art, modern illustration, and MTR elements into the Web3 world!


MTR has launched 388 NFTs of the “Year of the Rabbit Ticket Set Series NFTs” since January 2023. The NFTs are designed from the set of two tickets featuring calligraphic work of the Chinese character “rabbit” from former MTR architect Abe Au Kit Tong and an illustration which turns the Chinese character “rabbit” into an adorable rabbit by local artist Bonnie Pang. Each one is randomly matched with an auspicious Chinese New Year motif, MTR mosaic background and frame. The combination for each NFT is one-of-a-kind, adding to its collectability. The NFTs are deployed on the Polygon Chain.


MTR Metaverse Ticket NFTs

The first-ever NFT associated with the MTR Metaverse Station, limited to 888 editions.


By owning the MTR Metaverse Ticket, holders can unlock exclusive experiences within the MTR Metaverse, such as  unique in-game items. Embark on an extraordinary journey towards an infinite future with the MTR Metaverse Ticket!


Exclusive MTR Metaverse Equipment NFTs

Introducing our exclusive limited edition MTR Helmet and MTR Engineer Vest NFTs, available in limited quantities. The MTR Helmet is limited to just 200 editions, providing a stylish way to shield yourself while boosting your defense in the metaverse. Its iconic design is perfect for any metaverse adventurer seeking both style and protection.

Pairing perfectly with the MTR Helmet is our MTR Engineer Vest, limited to 688 editions. Upgrade your metaverse style with the MTR Engineer Vest, enhancing your defense while showcasing your tech-savvy fashion sense. It’s the ideal choice for those who want to elevate their style while staying prepared for any metaverse challenge.

Don’t miss out on these extraordinary limited edition items. Get your hands on the MTR Helmet and MTR Engineer Vest today and stand out as a true metaverse explorer!